ラジオ英会話 2018/4/5 #ラジオ英会話 L4 自動型
5 木 Lesson4 自動型
Customer: 客:
Shop Clerk: 店員:

Excuse me. Can you help me? I’m looking for a guidebook on Spain.
Of course. Let me take you to the travel section.
Thank you.
Oh, there are so many. Which book do you recommend?
This one is the most popular. Here, you can look through it.
Thanks a lot.

look for - 〜を探す
on Spain スペインについて
of course もちろん
Let me - 私に〜させて下さい
take 人 to - 人を〜へ連れて行く
section 区域
travel section 旅行のコーナー
recommend 推薦する
look through - 〜に目を通す


I’m looking for a guidebook on Spain.
look + forで「何かを求めて目をやる = 探す」となるというわけです。
What does look for mean?
Look for simply means search. Like, you know, you forgot where you put your keys, so you go looking for them.

You can look through it. 
What does look through mean?
Look through means to take a look inside.



1). このドレスを見て。私にピッタリでしょ?
Look at this dress. It’s perfect for me, right?

atは「点」を表す前置詞。look atは「~のところを見る」ですね。


Chris, what kind of impression do you get, when you hear “, right?” from your Japanese student.
Yeah, I would be really impressed, I think, I would guess that they had spent some time living in abroad.
It’s so cool and natural English.



2). ガールフレンドに贈るプレゼントを探しているんだ。
 I’m looking for a present for my girlfriend.
英語文の流れに注意。英語では大切なことは最初、説明はそのあと。まずa presentと言い切り、そのあと誰に向けてのプレゼントなのかをfor my girlfriendで説明します。


3). 休暇中、2匹の猫を世話してくれませんか?
 Can you look after my two cats while I’m on vacation?
afterは「後ろ(をついていく)」という位置関係を表す前置詞。そこからlook afterで「世話をする」。

Rosa, the police are after you. What does it mean?
That means I’m in a big trouble.
But joking aside, it means that the police are following me.