NHK 高校からはじめる現代英語 2018/3/10










New Train Driver Assumes Post

新人の列車運転士が職務に就く Part1

The 2011 earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan have affected people in many different ways. For one young woman in Iwate Prefecture, the disaster was what gave her a sense of purpose in life.

Seika Utsunomiya was in her first year of senior high school in the city of Miyako when the disaster struck. The tsunami washed away a large part of the Sanriku Railway line that runs along the coast. Witnessing the destruction, she set her mind on becoming a train driver.

Utsunomiya, now 23, drove her first train on Saturday. “ My passengers entrust their lives to me. I’m feeling that strongly today,” she told reporters. “ I feel a deep sense of responsibility.” The rail line was fully restored in 2014, becoming a key symbol of recovery in the area. Utsunomiya joined the railway company in April last year.
As the local media repeatedly covered the young trainee’s aspiration, she has become a symbol of rebirth as well. She is only the second female driver at the company.



in many different ways 多くの様々な点で
a sense of purpose in life 生き甲斐
struck →strike 襲う
wash away  洗い流す
destruction 破壊
witness 目の当たりにする
assume one’s post 地位・職務を引き受ける、
entrust (他人を信頼して何かを)委ねる
restore 復旧する
recovery 復興
aspiration 強い願望、熱望すること(高い目標も持って)
rebirth 再生

a). 影響する
influence 人の考えや行動に、じわじわと間接的に
affect 直接に影響、 災害や悪影響には affect


b). 高校一年生
in her first year of senior high school
first year にいる
a first year student = freshman

c). a large part of 大部分ではない。