NHK タイムトライアルラジオ

3/9 12 turns



Do you need some help?
Where can I buy an umbrella near here?
At the convenience store. It’s that way.
Sorry where should I go?
It’s that way. It’s only 5 minutes from here.
Actually I’m pretty lost.
What are you looking for?Maybe I can take you there.
is there a bank near here?
There’s atm in the convenience store.
Do you need to use ATM?or do something else at the bank?
Well I need to exchange some dollers for yen.
You need to go to a bigger bank.

Sorry would you say that again?

I’d like to go to the grobal bank.Do you know where

the bank is. They have good exchange rate.
I’m not sure. but I’ll ask. Do you need the address?
I have a map. What’s the name of this street?
I’m not sure the name.
What’s the nearest station?
It’s called Suzume station.
I’ll check some bank around the station.
How can I get to the station?
Can you see the traffic light?
At the traffic light turn left. It’s about 5 minutes from here.
Thank you so much.